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What are The Different Grades of Olive Oil & Phenolic Content?

Poly-What Now?

what oil should i buy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has been a topic for discussion for many years now. What makes it so different to other oils? What type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil should you buy?

different grades of olive oil and phenolic content

The Different Grades of Olive Oil

Olive Oil grades are determined by its production, quality, micronutrients and benefits. The following list outlines the different grades of olive oil:

Olive-Pomace Oil

1. Crude Olive-Pomace Oil:

2. Refined Olive-Pomace Oil:

Refined Olive Oil

1. Refined Olive Oil:

2. Olive Oil:

Natural Olive Oils

1. High Phenolic Olive Oil:

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

3. Virgin Olive Oil:

4. Lampante Olive Oil:

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