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Terms and Conditions

The website or web page ( operates as an online store, and exists for the sole purpose of marketing pure, natural products with health protective properties. Such products include olive oil, beekeeping goods, Aronia, etc. All sales occur through the internet, and the website remains the possession of D. MOURLAS AND CO L.P. G-TEAM, GRACELAND. The Company’s headquarters are based in Tripoli, 27 Grigoriou Lampraki Str, with VAT No. EL999127748, Tax Office: I.R.S. of Tripoli, General Commercial Registration No. 29315114000.

Application Field

Users/visitors/clients who visit the website/web page, for the sole purposes of browsing or making purchases, are required to read the following Terms and Conditions very carefully. These terms determine the use of the web page. We advise that you only proceed to visit and use the web page should you accept these Terms and Conditions in full.

The client accepts that these Terms of Use may be modified at any time without prior notice to the client. It remains the client’s responsibility to keep abreast of any changes made to these Terms by checking back to this web page regularly. By entering and browsing this site, it is assumed that the Terms are unconditionally accepted and acknowledged by the client. It is strictly forbidden to use this web page without accepting so much as one item in this Terms of Use document.

The web page reserves the right to inform the client (in advance) if there is a need to temporarily or permanently discontinue using all or part of its services and to modify any information contained therein. This right may be exercised by the Company at any time and without the obligation to inform the client beforehand.

Using this Website - Intellectual Property Rights

The content on this website may in no way be considered advice or inducement to users to take any action (direct or indirect). Any use and/or evaluation of the content on this site is the sole responsibility of the user.

The user and/or customer remains liable for any loss or damage to the Company caused by any illegal act or fraudulent use of abusive and/or morally-abusive behavior. The client also remains liable for the adoption of illegal practices or practices of unfair competition, and is obliged to make use of this web site in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

The content found on the web page remains the sole property of the Company, or its respective owner. All listed trademarks and distinctive features of the company are protected by law. Any reproduction, modification, copying, transmission, compilation, transfer, or republication of any information provided on this site in any way or by any means is strictly prohibited - unless granted through prior written permission from the Company or the beneficiary concerned. It is explicitly forbidden to mislead the public regarding the web page’s content or the Company providing this site.

Disclaimers of Warranties

The Company warrants the identity, accuracy, and validity of the information and services made available through the web page. The information in relation to the products themselves is based on details provided by the producers/suppliers themselves as stated on the web page. Therefore, the user agrees that when it comes to defective products and/or untrue data concerning products, the respective responsibility rests solely with the producers/suppliers thereof. The Company follows obligations as set out in the Civil Code, in relation to users of this website and particularly in the case of defective products purchased through this web page.

The customer may, within the time frame stipulated by law, request substitution of any defective product, with transportation costs being the only cost to the client. For the Company to be able to effectively exercise these rights, all products eligible for return must be accompanied by the necessary documents and original receipts. The above condition does not apply if the defect is caused by the client or through brute force. For more details, please read our Refund Policy.

Limitation of Liability

The web page reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue all/part of its services (temporarily or permanently) without prior notice to its clients. Reasons for this may vary from maintenance to product unavailability, upgrading, or another reason deemed as important by the Company. The Company cannot be held responsible for product availability, nor does it provide any warranty concerning product availability. The Company does, however, guarantee that the site will promptly inform its clients of product unavailability in this regard. The web page holds no obligations regarding the delivery time of orders in cases of force majeure.

Information Provided on the Website

On the web page, you will find information and links to other websites. All the information shown on the web page regarding the health protective and healing effects of olive oil, and in particular, our products, boasts strictly informative purposes. This information should by no means be considered an inducement for people with health problems, and users should not cease to follow medical instructions and/or advice or any medication they already receive without the prior consent of their treating physician/doctor. Our products are not intended for the treatment of any diseases or illnesses. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medication before using this web page’s products.

Links to other sites

The web page does not control the availability, information, content, privacy policy, quality, or completeness of the services of other websites or web pages found through this website or through "hyperlinks" or banners. Therefore, should you encounter any problems during your visit/use of the web page, please make an enquiry through the external websites in question regarding their respective privacy policies and available services. Under no circumstances can the Company or be held liable for the content or services found through other website links and third-party web pages.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and the use of the Web Page are governed by and subject to the applicable E.U. legislation, relevant International Treaties, and local Greek Law. Should any of these terms be rendered void or voidable, the validity of other terms will not be affected. Therefore, the client agrees, as the Company has, that any dispute that may arise through usage of the web page, after the client has agreed to and applied these Terms of Use, are subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tripoli, Greece, Europe.

Other Issues

For issues regarding the Company’s Privacy Policy, Personal and Non-Personal Data Protection, Cookies, Purchasing of Products, Payment methods, Shipping costs, Refund Policy, or something else, please see the following links: Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Payments, Shipping, Returns & Refunds, and Terms & Conditions (this page).


For any further information or clarification regarding the Web Page, please reach the company at +30 271 500 5035. Alternatively, users may reach out via e-mail at [email protected]. You may also mail us at our physical address: 27 Grigoriou Lampraki Str, 22132, Tripolis, Greece.