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This powerful polyphenol concoction delivers the full, carefully-preserved power of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), carefully produced from handpicked unripe olives. 

HYPERELEON is 100% natural and pure, made mainly using Olympia Variety olives - arguably the best in the world. Olympia Variety olives are extraordinarily high in phenolic content, including oleocanthal and oleacein, along with tocopherol.

The juice from these olives is hailed as the “Elixir of Life,” providing a range of antioxidants. These include flavonoids, lignans, and secoiridoids, offering priceless health benefits and protection against disease. 

Other types of active ingredients include flavonoids (apigenin), lignans (pinoresinol and acetoxypinoresinol), other secoiridoids, and more. All of these ingredients have unique nutritional value and, most importantly, priceless health protection value.


HYPERELEON was initially developed by the G-TEAM in Greece to bring a premium preventative product to the market. 

We want to empower families with enhanced longevity, through ingredients (polyphenols) backed by countless international studies, FDA and European Regulation 432/2012. The health benefits of polyphenols are undeniable. 

We developed HYPERELEON carefully to preserve phenolic content to the fullest!


Our team adheres to a highly specific process underpinned by eco-friendliness.

We deeply respect Mother Earth and her ecosystems, which is why we support natural cultivation without resorting to chemically-packed pesticides.

Our carefully-monitored approach unfolds under the strict supervision of our experts, from olive tree to production to packaging. 

We are obsessed with perfection, subjecting each olive and final product to strict quality control measures. Our specially-designed procedures allow us to produce and preserve the quantitatively highest and qualitatively best natural blend of polyphenols and other beneficial compounds of our EVOO.


As we mentioned earlier, all HYPERELEON olives are handpicked by experts. We choose Olympia Variety olives, which are considered the best in the world owing to their incredibly high phenolic content.

Once the best olives have been picked, we transport them from our private grooves to our special olive oil mill, where oil is extracted within two hours to ensure optimal phenolic content preservation.

Finally, the journey ends at our state-of-the-art bottling facility where our premium olive oil is lovingly bottled and packaged, ready for delivery. 

When you choose HYPERELEON, you’re guaranteed perfection in every drop, with 100% purity and uninterrupted phenolic content.


No. HYPERELEON is created on the Earth, not in a lab. We are committed to working in harmony with nature to deliver all-natural products that preserve Mother Earth’s healing powers.


Yes! Our G-TEAM boasts a long-standing track-record of quality compliance and assurance, sticking to high international standards with pride.

To give you even more peace of mind, we also perform our own in-house sample analysis to confirm absolute purity and ultimate authenticity. 

HYPERELEON is an award-winning formulation, bursting with polyphenols which are supported by a long history of studies, research, oil-mill awards and special certifications. 

When we bottle HYPERELEON, we ensure all nature’s intrinsic characteristics are preserved.


While HYPERELEON is indeed organic, we cannot legally claim official organic certification as our product is pending approval through official certification bodies. From the current harvest (2019-2020), HYPERELEON will officially be a certified organic product.


Over 4000 Phenols, collectively called Polyphenols, are naturally found in plants, which makes a plant-based diet so beneficial.

Polyphenol absorption is linked to a lower risk of chronic illness, including protection against things like dementia, high cholesterol, arthritis, heart disease, the visible signs of aging, macular degeneration, and more. Polyphenols are praised by medical experts and scientists for their anti-cancer properties.

In fact, many breast cancer survivors around the world have shared their healthy diets rich in fruit, vegetables, soy, and green tea - all of which are bursting with natural polyphenol content. In fact, polyphenol absorption has been linked to a lower cancer relapse rate, along with slowed progression of prostate cancer in men.


Polyphenols are predominantly found in green plants, and only in particular plants as such. They contain properties to protect plants from infections, viruses, and oxidation. Similar to plants, Polyphenols protect the body from oxidation, infection, and viruses. Some of them, with unique health protective action and incredible healing properties, are present only in early harvest olive oil.

Scientists, universities, foundations, and organizations worldwide are constantly performing intense scientific research, studies, and reports, revealing and confirming olive oil’s extraordinary health protection and healing properties. These studies are, lately, especially focused on polyphenols that are present only in early harvest olive oil, like Oleuropein and Ligstroside Aglycon, Oleacein, Oleocanthal, etc. This also includes other types of active natural substances found in Olive Oil such as tocopherols, flavonoids (apigenin), lignans (pinoresinol and acetoxypinoresinol), secoiridoids, etc.

One of the most researched benefits is linked to cholesterol oxidation – a source of heart attacks and strokes. Recent research and clinical studies also reveal impressive results regarding the neuroprotective (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis) and anticancer/antimetastatic (breast, pancreatic, esophageal, ovarian, prostate, skin cancer) properties of Oleuropein, Oleocanthal, Squalene, and Oleacein.

Please visit our relative page “Olive Oil as Medicine: The Effect on Blood Lipids and Lipoproteins” and follow us on social media for updates on new research and clinical studies.


Countries signed up at the International Olive Oil Council primarily use HPLC equipment and the COI methodology to measure the bio-phenols. Due to legal restrictions in Greece, we have to refer to and use this method. This methodology, however, is regarded as outdated, seeing as it provides lower and probably less accurate values, expressed as equivalents of Tyrosol.

Due to its low sensitivity, among other reasons, this method can detect and measure only a small part of olive oil’s polyphenols. A variation of the above-mentioned method is HPLC by Acid Hydrolysis, which seems to give more complete and consistent results.

The recently-developed methodology of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is widely accepted as the most accurate - measuring a wide range of polyphenols, including the particular phenols of interest. This method’s measuring equipment, however, has low availability and a high cost. What’s more, the method likely needs further evolution - and the equipment will require better calibration in order to provide more accurate and stable results.


While HYPERELEON cannot legally claim to offer health benefits, this EVOO is a highly unique product that undergoes in-depth annual evaluation for its phenolic content (by independent sources). Polyphenol-rich diets are backed by plenty of research showcasing powerful health benefits.


Seeing as HYPERELEON is an EVOO, not a drug, there is no specific recommended dosage. HYPERELEON should be consumed as part of a normal, healthy, and well-balanced diet. 

However, owing to Hypereleon’s extremely high phenolic content, one (1) tablespoon, or 12ml of the GOLD edition, or 18ml of the GREEN edition, is more than enough to deliver a potent yet gentle dose of polyphenols into your daily diet.

Please note that the above recommended daily intake far exceeds the recommended daily intake to meet Polyphenol health claims as per European Regulation E.U. 432/2012 of the European Food Safety Authority (E.F.S.A)

This recommended intake complies fully with the research and reports of the UC Davis Olive Centre, in association with the University of California Davis (UC Davis), USA - “Olive Oil as Medicine: The Effect on Blood Lipids and Lipoproteins”, “Olive Oil as Medicine: The Effect on Blood Pressure.”


Keep your EVOO in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture. Ideally, the temperature should be 18°C or less. Expiry dates only apply to products that are properly stored with in-tact packaging. For more information, please read the relative instructions on the product’s packaging and the enclosed instructions included with your product.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils that have naturally high levels of Polyphenols (>250mg/kg), is part of the EU wide Health Claim and is approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

This page contains answers to the questions we get asked the most about HYPERELEON

While we have included as much information about HYPERELEON as we possibly can, we ask that our readers understand our current restrictions. 

HYPERELEON is not a medicinal product or a food supplement. Click here to see our disclaimer.