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I bought HYPERELEON in order to boost my Immune System against common cold and seasonal flu. So far in combination with an improved diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits I have not felt sick not a single day! HYPERELEON is hands-down the best olive oil that I've ever had.

Mila Viro, Teacher

Mila Viro

Review Quote

This is a very high quality product! It is well-packaged, and shipped and received in a timely manner. I personally tested the effects on my cholesterol, and (along with other interventions) I was happily impressed by the performance of this product. I really enjoy the bitterness and therefore this is my favorite olive oil from a number I've tried, including organic California oils, and other milder European and Middle Eastern oils (I have been collecting oils with very high biophenol content). I suspect Hypereleon has a strong positive influence on gut bacteria, leading to some of its beneficial health effects. I have a medical practice in California and recommend Hypereleon to my patients.

Myrto Ashe MD, MPH, Medical Doctor

Myrto Ashe MD, MPH

Medical Doctor
Review Quote

I ordered 4 bottles of the medicinal olive oil from Idaho, USA and was astonished and impressed that it arrived in less than a week!. I am a nurse and have been reading about the extensive research into the healthful properties of the very high potency of this particular oil. I am especially interested in preventing the neurocognitive diseases associated with aging, and there is even research showing that the oleocanthal in this oil helps to clean out accumulations already in the brain cells as well as preventing further accumulation and damage. Thank you so much for the years of hard work you have put into the care of these precious orchards and the production of this fine oil.

Deborah Green, Nurse

Deborah Green

Review Quote

After a long adventure with my health I found HYPERELEON which was the only thing that helped me, between doctors and medication. A couple of months ago I started having serious health issues, specifically with high blood pressure. After I saw an advertisement of HYPERELEON I thought I would give it a try without having too much faith in it. I was desperate so what did I have to lose? Miraculously after 1 week or so after starting using it, things got better. Still, until today I stand in good health and feel great.

Giannis Tsafaras, Lorry Driver

Giannis Tsafaras

Lorry Driver
Review Quote

I take Hypereleon Gold on most days in the morning, after I did some research about the amazing benefits of daily consumption of olive oil rich in polyphenols. It makes my skin look brighter and my movement has improved. I think I will buy again.

Katerina Efthimiou, Graphic Designer

Katerina Efthimiou

Graphic Designer
Review Quote

Great results with my cholesterol levels, after trying several other products! Must try!!!!! I will be purchasing again! My morning energy drink! The bitter taste was a bit unpleasant in the beginning, but who cares since I feel great and my blood tests confirm it!

Konstantinos Koutsourakis, Journalist

Konstantinos Koutsourakis

Review Quote

I have been using for about 20 days now, and I have already noticed increased energy levels. I like the fact this is just olive oil and does not have any foreign materials, like an external capsule. That is what I was looking for and already bought it for second time.

George Peppas, Developer

George Peppas

Review Quote

This product is brilliant it helps many ailments I highly recommend it.

Kon Brousalis, Businessman

Kon Brousalis

Review Quote

Great product! I work two jobs and don't have the time to eat properly and this gives me the extra boost to make it through my day and get some of the nutrition I am missing. I drink it every morning with some fresh lemon juice. Plus my hair looks amazing and nails are growing faster too from actually getting the polyphenols I need in my diet.

Stratos Perdikoulis, Insurance Supervisor

Stratos Perdikoulis

Insurance Supervisor
Review Quote

I always loved Mediterranean Diet and its benefits so why not try taking compressed all the benefits of olive oil (Green edition). I've been using it for a week and I feel good. Not sure if it is my whole diet that changed to the better, but I think it helps me.

Nicole Rogkakou, Receptionist

Nicole Rogkakou

Review Quote

People cannot perceive the pain I was feeling in my body. I am an athletic person 47 years old who participated in many extremely demanding sports. You have no idea how Hypereleon helped me to be active again. Stop eating processed food and try this instead of crappy energy drinks. You have to continue your life or just give up. I choose life, live long and prosper.

Spiros Xaritos, Ski Coach

Spiros Xaritos

Ski Coach
Review Quote

Hypereleon Gold was recommended by my MD as a last solution for helping me regulate my blood pressure as several medication failed to do so. I took it for a month or so and my blood pressure was good, but wasn't convinced it was because of Hypereleon, so stopped taking it. After a few days my blood pressure spiked again, so here I am again buying it once more!

Ioanna Stavropoulou, Fitness Instructor

Ioanna Stavropoulou

Fitness Instructor
Review Quote

Bought Hypereleon Gold as supplement for my husband's high cholesterol. Besides the bitter taste he is keeping well on his blood tests, so this supplement has really helped him.

Maria Markopoulou, Software Engineer

Maria Markopoulou

Software Engineer
Review Quote

Prompt service direct from Greece, and most of all, the tremendous health benefits of the very high polyphenol count of the olive oil. Superb quality--both the company and the product!

Diane Kurt, Pensioner

Diane Kurt

Review Quote

I had pain to my joints and a friend recommended to seek for olive oil rich in polyphenols. Well it is the first time I use this product but seems to be working! Great packaging as well.

Alekos Makaronis, IT Director

Alekos Makaronis

IT Director
Review Quote

I take it daily as part of my antioxidant diet for health and anti-aging. Its anti-inflammatory action has reduced the need for intake of widely used pills (painkillers for headaches, toothache, menstrual cramps). I highly recommend it !!!

Athanasia Petrakou, Dancer

Athanasia Petrakou

Review Quote

I work out daily, I eat healthy and still have cholesterol. I was told that by my MD it is neurological and genetic. I tried different natural products to regulate my cholesterol but had no noticeable result. But drinking HYPERELEON every day for 2 months I saw real results and I mean it. Not only did bad cholesterol (LDL) was reduced but also HDL went up, a fact you don't see in other treatments. Super Oil has entered my life and in my heart, I highly recommend it to people who are suffering from high cholesterol levels.

Constantine Lamperi, Midwife

Constantine Lamperi