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Introducing Hypereleon Nutri – Arcadian Mountains

Ariston Arcadian Agoureleon – Table High-Phenolic EVOO in its Most Potent Nutritional Form

hypereleon nutri arcadian mountains rich in popyphenols

Olive oil has long been hailed by experts for its undeniable nutritional value – but not all olive oil is created equally.

In fact, not even all Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created equal.

G-TEAM is renowned for producing a wide range of leading-edge products, one of which is their exclusive, 100% pure and natural HIGH phenolic EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Our Team has already created three unique, renowned and multi-award-winning HYPERELEON editions, including Ultra Gold, Gold, and Green.

This latest addition to Hypereleon’s frontrunning family – Hypereleon Nutri Arcadian Mountains – boasts priceless mythical value with roots that date back centuries.

The Team’s goal is to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers seeking refined taste sensations, along with supreme phenolic content, while empowering people to unlock the powerful health supportive properties that are naturally prevalent in these products.

100% Pure & Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our 100% Pure & Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Agoureleon) is harvested extremely early and cold-extracted from handpicked unripe olives. These are exclusively grown in carefully selected high-altitude olive groves of Olympia and Athinolia varieties.

Olive groves located in a wide, almost mythical region for centuries – if not millennia – the legendary Arcadian Mountains* in Peloponnese, Greece.

The land where Ancient Secrets meet Ultimate Nutrition, and the olive tree and its olive oil boast priceless mythical and divined value.

A mountainous territory, where the organized olive tree cultivation is an integral part of Arcadian’s lives, and has been since Antiquity (10,000 years ago) until today. Nowadays, the birthplace of Hyperfoods, where Ancient Secrets reveal the Ultimate Nutrition.

It’s NOT just a Coincidence

The high altitude, lack of water in summer, and extreme climate conditions in winter put these specially selected olive trees under quite a lot of stress.

This forces them to produce extremely high levels of polyphenols and other beneficial nutrients to survive and protect their precious olives. Orientation and a degree of natural drainage are also critical factors regarding the selection of the olive trees.

What’s more, this amazing emission of Arcadian sunlight at high altitudes contributes even further to the nutrition of these olives, making them more potent and even healthier.

These carefully selected trees provide us with the olives we need to create our premium early harvested Extra Virgin Olive Oil, containing exceptionally high concentrations of insanely healthy compounds.

We take extra care in preserving these high concentrations with gentle, organic, biodynamic cultivation, love, passion, and extra special procedures. This ensures that our premium liquid gold contains as many of these natural compounds as possible.

A Supreme Combination

"Arcadian Mountains" is a unique and indescribably superb combination, regarding two of the oldest and most amazing olive varieties in the world – Athinolia & Olympia.

Hypereleon Nutri – Arcadian Mountains delivers a multiplier effect, by incorporating the best organoleptic health protective and nutritional characteristics of both varieties at the really perfect ratio.

Early Harvested, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil originating from mountainous olive groves of the well-known almost mythical Athinolia variety, is fundamental power of our superb product.

Rich, slightly bitter & intensively peppery flavor (Oleocanthal), scintillating fruity notes, amazing fragrances and splendid texture, are revealing the characteristic sign of the variety.

Provides very high phenolic content, especially regarding specific very important olive oil polyphenols like Oleocanthal and Oleacein. Along with very high concentration of other beneficial ingredients are formatting an admirable surplus value.

The palette is completed, by the Olympia variety, which according to the legend, is originating from the afore mentioned first olive tree that Hercules planted.

It’s also widely known and globally recognized,, that the specific variety, naturally provides the supreme natural total concentration of priceless health-boosting polyphenols, along with extremely high concentration regarding some specific very important of them, like Oleuropein and Ligstroside.

Not to mention, a-tocopherol and other extremely beneficial natural ingredients. Unsurpassed quality, intensively bitter (Oleuropein) & Spicy taste, with great notes of fruitiness, admirable golden-green color and perfect texture are the distinguished characteristics of its unique and amazing olive oil. As only Olympia Variety & Greek Nature know to naturally deliver from Antiquity (3500 years ago) until today.

Hypereleon Nutri – Arcadian Mountains, as aforementioned, is a product of long-term and rigid research procedures. The superb result goes beyond the highest expectation and imagination. Boasts unrivalled quality, delicate and exceptional green aroma and perfect texture. Provides a superb balanced bitter and lasting piquant flavor, related with its admirably high content of a very wide polyphenol spectrum. Including but not limited to lignans and secoiridoids.

Along with a naturally high concentration of a-tocopherol, and other natural olive oil’s extremely beneficial ingredients. This is just a snapshot of the priceless treasure that “Arcadian Mountains” have to offer, in addition to delicious fruity notes, astringent and pungent note with sweetness, and golden-green colours!

NUTRI-tious to the Last Drop

All stages of harvesting, production, and distribution go through rigid scientific monitoring and quality control to ensure that specially certified procedures are followed at all times.

No pesticides, chemicals, or additives are involved in any part of the production process.

From cultivation to harvesting, oil milling, exemplary storage, bottling, packaging, and eventually distribution – G-TEAM, ensures and guarantees the highest purity quality and the superb NUTRItional value of HYPERELEON NUTRI down to each and every drop.

And "Arcadian Mountains" is the mountainous golden-emerald crown of our amazing versions. Health & Nutrition totally balanced. An Hyper NUTRItional Arcadian Recipe. From our groove to your front door with absolute consideration.

A Global Frontrunner

A superb combination of tradition, science, and modern technology, mixed with patience, devotion, persistence, love, and deep knowledge has resulted in a product of unsurpassed quality, taste, and priceless nutritional & health-protective value.

A Smoking Gun in any Healthy Diet

The Mediterranean diet has become increasingly popular for its beneficial contribution toward our health, wellness, and vitality. Only few, however, know that several new studies have revealed the real “smoking gun” of the Mediterranean diet…

You guessed it, high-standard Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It’s also worth noting that not all olive oils are the same, and only high phenolic olive oil contains high-quality compounds that provide these priceless health benefits. In this case, using Arcadian Mountains means upgrading your nutrition from zero to hero – and it should be at the top of your list.

An Elite Nutrition Booster

Upgrade your nutrition to its highest level and combine your salads, cold or hot meats, fish, and even vegan dishes with a boost of unsurpassed nutrition.

Once you notice the difference, you’ll understand what we mean when we say, “By incorporating Arcadian Mountains into your daily nutrition, not only will you enjoy an amazing, unique, and tasteful experience every day, but you’ll also upgrade your life and wellness to its highest levels.”

A World Best

hypereleon nutri awards

It’s unsurprising that Hypereleon has become a world-leader in high-phenolic extra virgin olive oils.

Containing no pesticides, chemicals, or additives whatsoever, Hypereleon promises supreme quality and extremely high phenolic content that has been already recognized and awarded for several years (with more than 45 Top Global Awards at the most honourable international olive oil competitions).

And Hypereleon Nutri – Arcadian Mountains earnestly continues our glorious accolade tradition, with over 8 Top Global Awards in 2021 alone (and many more to come!).

You just have to try it!

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About Arcadian Mountains:

A wide mythological region including, among others, the ancient holy mountain Lykaion(1) or “Olympus”, Lykosoura(1) – the first city which saw sunlight in the world more than 10,000 years ago, and Olympia – the birth place of Olympic Games.

This is also the place where Hercules planted the first olive tree(2). This region also includes locations where ancient “miracles” of Antiquity were created, like the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Mount Kotilios, well-known as the Parthenon of Arcadia. The region is also well-known as the land of nymphs and the residence of ancient gods like Pan, Artemis, and Zeus.

(1) According to well-known traveller and geographer, Pausanias, this region of Likosoura is the first city to ever see the sunlight – implying that it’s the oldest city in the world. This ancient region of more than 10,000 years old, located at the foot of Mount Lykaion (also known as the “holy mountain” or “Olympus”). According to legend, these ancient Arcadian mountains were the residence of Gods. It is also said that the sunlight was so intense that the matter had no shadow, also making the name “Lykaion” even more fitting for its origination from the word “light”.

In this region of Likosoura, the first ancient global organized sports competition of “Lykaia” took place. Here, a single olive tree branch was awarded to the winners for its symbolism of wellness, wealth, and health. This, among other things, is a truly revealing representation of just how precious and priceless the olive tree and its oil really are – even in Antiquity where organized olive tree cultivation was an integral part of daily life.

(2). According to Greek Mythology, the wider mythological region is where Hercules planted the first olive tree. According to legend, all olives originate from this first olive tree that Hercules himself planted in the area. This area is also the birthplace of the Olympic Games, where champions were also awarded with this priceless treasure otherwise known as the “Cotinus”.

(3)According to ancient Greek mythology, Athinolia was the ultimate gift that goddess of wisdom, Athena, bestowed upon Ancient Greeks. Athinolia is said to represent wisdom, wealth, wellness, and health. Athena also taught us its methods of cultivation.