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The Ultimate Guide to Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Here is Why Your Olive Oil is Best Made Cold

cold pressed olive oil

As one of the healthiest natural fats around, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a staple on dinner tables and in kitchens across the globe.

EVOO is rich in olive oil polyphenols, a micronutrient that combats heart disease, wards off Type 2 diabetes, regulates cholesterol, and in some cases may treat certain types of cancer.

But – how do you ensure that the olive oil retains all its nourishment during the production process – especially in the form of polyphenols?

Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil could just be your answer.

This guide will explain everything you have ever wanted to know about cold pressed olive oil, from the benefits to the manufacturing process and everything in-between.


  • Olive oils retain their natural nutrients with the cold press technique
  • Polyphenols are the main ingredient in olive oil that you should keep an eye out for
  • There are countless reasons why you should prefer organic cold-pressed olive oil
  • There are nine main benefits you can reap from high-quality cold-pressed olive oil
  • Hypereleon has award-winning olive oil products available for purchase TODAY

Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil: The Basics

The What, How, and Why – Answered


olive oil field

Hailing from the Mediterranean, olives are a stone fruit.

Much like other fruits, the nutrients in olives are impacted by weather, the quality of soil used in cultivation, and the applied olive oil’s extraction procedures at olive-milling facilities.

First cold-pressed olive oil is one way of ensuring beneficial compounds – such as polyphenols – stay locked within the olive extract.

But – what is first cold pressing?

First cold pressing is the process by which olives are crushed only once at heat levels that don’t exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27°C).

Low temperatures secure immense flavor, nutrition, and earthly textures – three key factors that make organic cold-pressed olive oil stand head and shoulders above mass-produced commodities.


cold extracted oil

Cold pressing requires endlessly complex machinery, but the process is easily understandable for non-farmers and food manufacturer novices.

By using a bulky pressing device, producers grind the fruits of the olive tree (olives) – releasing the golden juice contained within them (the olive oil). Under normal pressing circumstances, a form of heating would be applied to make the extraction process quicker and more efficient.

In a cold-pressing environment, the only heat applied is that which is produced internally. A cold press process preserves aromas, flavorings, and purity – so you receive the most benefits from the olive you can.

Most importantly, the absence of heat preserves polyphenols, the pre-mentioned miracle ingredient found in all olives.


The benefits obtained by consuming cold-pressed olive oil are virtually endless. If you are looking for a nutrient-filled meal option, then first cold-pressed olive oil should be stocked on your shelves.

Some of the nutrients included in the best cold-pressed olive oil include:

In Summary

  • Cold pressing is a simple process that uses complex machinery
  • This process guarantees that nutrients such as polyphenols stay locked in
  • Organic cold-pressed olive oils contain countless beneficial vitamins
  • Polyphenols – the most prized nutrient – are perfectly preserved at the highest possible concentration, in this form of olive oil

9 Benefits of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why You Should Adopt This Ingredient Into Your Diet

get healthy with cold pressed evoo

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil preserves the highest possible concentration of polyphenols among other extremely beneficial EVOO ingredients.

According to numerous scientific studies and clinical research, ingredients provide:

A Decrease in Inflammation – Thanks to its healthy fats and high levels of antioxidants, cold-pressed high phenolic olive oil acts as a barrier against heart diseases, Alzheimer's, and some forms of cancer. By regulating the amount of fat in your bloodstream, cold-pressed olive oil aids those with insulin problems.

Extended Shelf Life – Certain forms of natural fat can preserve food items. Oleic acid, a monosaturated fat found in olives, will prevent the oil from going old. This allows for your cold-pressed olive oil to be stored longer than other cold-pressed oils – saving you money and shopping trips.

Antioxidizing Action – Heat naturally kills off several antioxidants during the manufacturing process, whereas cold pressing preserves them. Antioxidants guard our immune system against unstable cells that cause heart disease and chronic diabetes. Oleuropein, a substance found in olive oil polyphenols, also guards the body. In some instances, Oleuropein fights cancer.

A Healthy Brain – While more research should be conducted, initial testing indicates that cold-pressed medicinal grade olive oil maintains your brainpower. Individuals who follow high-fat Mediterranean diets are shown to have experienced a slower rate of cognitive decline as they age into their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Tests conducted on animals show a decrease in Alzheimer’s related brain plaque.

Regulation of Blood Sugar LevelsOleuropein does more than just fight cancer. Over an extended medical study, participants were encouraged to consume 20mg of Oleuropein to see the effects. According to PubMed Central, scientists were stunned to see that participants experienced a 14% lower blood sugar spike after consuming their routine meals.

What’s more, regarding Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

It’s an Eco-Friendly Option – In an ever-shifting world, maintaining eco-consciousness is imperative. Cold pressing utilizes far fewer chemicals than traditional pressing. The heat used to hammer and grind small fruits and seeds is also not utilized in cold pressing, meaning the technique is far more energy-efficient. The best cold-pressed olive oil allows consumers to be kinder to their bodies, and to the environment.

It Can be Used as a Beauty Product – Cold-pressed olive oil has been used as a cosmetic product for decades. With just a few milliliters of high phenolic olive oil, you can moisturize your skin, hair, and cuticles – leaving you feeling refreshed. Do you currently suffer from dry skin and scalp? This could be the treatment you need.

It’s a Culinary Miracle Material – All you need is a tablespoon. Cold-pressed olive oil for cooking use is no new phenomenon. By adding a dab of this ancient potion to your meals, you can unlock a whole new world of nutrients. With 120 calories, a single tablespoon is a welcome addition to veggies, high-fiber foods, and greens.

In Summary

  • Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil lasts longer and is friendly to the environment
  • It has numerous wellness & heath protective benefits
  • Organic cold-pressed olive oil is especially good for your brain and heart
  • It makes for a delightful addition to your meals

Why You Should Buy Hypereleon Products

We Have Olive Oil Rich in Polyphenols – Precisely What Your Body Needs

why buy hypereleon

For over a decade, Hypereleon has crafted nutritive products for a global base of customers. Containing up to 30 times the phenolic content of regular olive oils you usually find on the shelves of your local market or even hyper markets, our medicinal-grade olive oil is a welcome addition to any healthy diet. This is achieved thanks to the sophisticated cold press processes that we meticulously apply.

At Hypereleon, we walk the all-natural route. Using organically sourced Olympia variety olives, we create a 100% pure and natural olive oil rich in polyphenols. Not only does our oil add a spectacular rich taste to your dishes, but it also aids your body with its unlimited number of wellness advantages.

Over The Years, We Have Won Awards at:

Why does the international olive oil industry consistently rank our cold-pressed olive oil for cooking among the world’s best? We have a few ideas…


Unlike many other producers, our olive oil is produced with total respect to the natural environment, and according to the principles of sustainable development – all while preserving natural resources. Our biodynamic organic cultivation is extended to a sustainably crafted sophisticated production and distribution process.

Hypereleon's production procedures ensure, certify, and guarantee that our superb products are 100% pure and natural. No additives, pesticides, chemicals, artificial ingredients, or aromas are allowed or involved in the production process.

With several strict quality control measures, our oils pass rigorous testing and cross-examinations before being delivered to families across the globe.

Beneficial Compounds

Each bottle of Hypereleon cold-pressed olive oil is filled to the brim with 100% natural compounds. Our EVOO is especially rich in polyphenols, a clever compound that prevents chronic illness and fights to protect your body against arthritis, heart disease, aging, dementia, and the like.

Every container of Hypereleon olive oil naturally contains:

What is our cold-pressed olive oil used for? With a bottle of Hypereleon, it is up to your imagination to decide. With just a tablespoon, you can treat your skin and hair to the nutrients they deserve. With a few more tablespoons, you can create healthy dishes that taste impeccable.

In Summary

  • Hypereleon is an industry leader in cold-pressed olive oil products
  • Our company has won multiple awards from almost every corner of the globe
  • Hypereleon products contain numerous natural compounds, especially polyphenols
  • Our cold-pressed olive oil can be applied in a multitude of ways

To Conclude…

Harness The Benefits of Cold Pressed EVOO

benefits of cold pressed evoo

Often, people feel trapped by the options as they seek a healthy alternative to their current cooking oils. Over the years, EVOO has proven itself as the supremely better and healthier choice. With countless healthy compounds and a royal taste, extra virgin olive oil is the best addition to any kitchen. Let the aromas and tastes invigorate your senses.

Cold-pressed olive oil is a marked improvement from its predecessor. By eliminating heat during production, the natural nutrients contained in a single olive remain in place. The priceless compounds enrich your body, unlike anything it has ever known in the past. Each Hypereleon bottle arrives with that special touch – directly from our hearts.

Enough of our liquid gold EVOO can mean the difference between a healthy life and one of illness and injury. The natural healing powers of polyphenols contained in this superb bottle are nothing short of amazing. Olive oil polyphenols combat chronic conditions and lift your spirit as your body feels the effects of a natural wonder. Use our oil for cooking and natural wellness – all in one go.

If you purchase a bottle of our world-class EVOO, you gain instant access to a tremendous set of organic fats and polyphenols. These fats and compounds are rarely found in widely available oils on your local store shelves. That’s because we have fully utilized the cold pressing technique to craft our goods.

Would you like to purchase your own bottle of Hypereleon’s organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil?

Simply click on the link below to be transported directly to our digital storefront. Browse our selection of finely crafted products and choose one that gets you excited to spend time in the kitchen tonight.

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