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Olive Oil and Cholesterol - The Missing Link

updated April 2022

It’s no secret that oil is linked to bad cholesterol, but where does olive oil come into the picture - and how does this affect you?

It’s important to understand what cholesterol is, how it helps your body function, and how keeping a close eye on your cholesterol levels by monitoring your diet and lifestyle is key to living a healthier, longer life.

Extra virgin olive oil is hailed worldwide for its benefits as the “king” of all other oils - a key part of the “Mediterranean Diet.”

In this article, we’ll discuss cholesterol in olive oil, as well as why olive oil, which is an unsaturated fat, is better for your health and could help you regulate your cholesterol easily and effectively.


  • Too much bad cholesterol, or LDL, can accumulate in your artery walls - putting you at risk of serious cardiovascular illness.
  • Scientific data reviewed by the FDA shows that Monounsaturated fats found in Extra virgin olive oil naturally boost your good cholesterol levels, while reducing the prevalence of bad cholesterol LDL.
  • You can replace saturated fat with unsaturated fats to reduce the risk of heart issues and high blood pressure (e.g., consuming good cholesterol in olive oil).
  • Making extra virgin olive oil a key part of your daily diet is a powerful way to expose your body to all the nutritional benefits found in polyphenols, decreasing your levels of bad cholesterol.
  • If you’re searching for the best olive oil for that cause, always make sure you’re buying HIGH PHENOLIC extra virgin olive oil.
  • HYPERELEON is one of the best solutions for those looking for a high-quality high phenolic olive oil.

So, how exactly does this extra virgin miracle reduce bad cholesterol?

Firstly: What is Cholesterol?

Olive oil and cholesterol the missing link

Basically, cholesterol is an alteration in blood-based lipids.

While we need lipids, or fats, in our daily diet, getting the right quantity (and quality) can be tough.

Too much cholesterol, especially when it’s of a poor quality, can accumulate in your artery walls - putting you at risk of serious cardiovascular illness.

Bad cholesterol is also known as low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, while high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol is considered better for your health.

Is all Cholesterol the Same?


In a nutshell, you get good cholesterol and you get bad cholesterol.

Bad cholesterol, or LDL, causes lipids or fats to stick to your artery walls. On the other side of the health fence, good cholesterol, otherwise known as HDL, is great for your well-being - and that’s what you should care about when buying olive oils.

What are the Dangers of High LDL Levels?

cholesterol levels and arteries clog

Having too much bad cholesterol in your body and bloodstream is dangerous - especially if your cholesterol levels are above 240.

Dangerously high cholesterol levels like this put you at risk of things like heart disease, heart attack, strokes, Angina (a lack of blood reaching the heart), or even Arteriosclerosis (a vein obstruction caused by excess fat that prevents proper blood circulation).

So, we now know the difference between bad and good cholesterol. But - how can you make sure you’re consuming and absorbing the latter?

Well, that’s where extra virgin olive oil comes in, which is rich in something called monounsaturated fats.

These work to naturally boost your good cholesterol levels in your body and bloodstream, while reducing the prevalence of bad cholesterol - found in foods with high amounts of saturated fat like meat and full dairy products.

The Verdict is in. The FDA Has Spoken.

Blood tests about cholesterol

Scientific data reviewed by the FDA shows that replacing saturated fatty acids with their monounsaturated counterparts reduces total levels of LDL cholesterol.

In addition, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) stated that by consuming olive oil high in phenolic content daily, such as Hydroxytyrosol and derivatives, people can prevent bad cholesterol oxidation, and in turn, stop atherosclerotic plaque formation from occurring in blood vessels.

All of this while lowering the chances of cardiovascular disease (Ε.U. 432/2012 pages 21 & 22).

Replacing the Fats, You’re Currently Consuming

According to this study, replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats – even if you don’t reduce your fat intake as a whole – is a better option for those worried about or currently suffering from high cholesterol levels.

Oleic acid, which is found in olive oil, is a great option for unsaturated fat that won’t skyrocket your LDL or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels.

The natural polyphenols found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or medicinal grade olive oil) are great candidates for lowering cholesterol as well as your risk of developing heart disease or high blood pressure because of it.

However, it’s also important to note that this is only true about olive oils that contain a minimum of 5mg of Hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein complex and tyrosyl per 20g of oil. Studies have found that 20g is also the ideal amount of high phenolic olive oil that you should consume daily to reap these benefits.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Healthier Than Other Oils?

High phenolic EVOO good for cholesterol


Whether you’re cooking, frying, baking, or simply want to spice up your lunch salad, keep a bottle of extra virgin olive oil at arm’s reach.

This particular oil is much more beneficial than any other kind of oil on the market, owing to its high levels of monosaturated fats - even higher than that found in virgin olive oils.

Extra virgin olive oil should be your first port of call for cooking and dressing meals, especially over “healthy” oils like palm vegetable counterparts or coconut oil. In fact, oils like that can cause more harm than good!

While consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a part of your diet – instead of saturated oils like lard or butter – is better for your health.

It’s important to note that using Hypereleon’s EVOO should be ideally done by consuming around 20mg of oil at room temperature to make sure you’re reaping the benefits in the most effective way possible.

Olive oil has the best stability and endurance when exposed to high or excessive heating, compared to any other oil. It is also by far the best and healthiest choice when it comes to cooking or frying.

Nevertheless, when heated, the structure could be changed on a molecular level which, in turn, could affect the way your body breaks down and uses the oil. Therefore, it’s healthier and more efficient to consume olive oil raw. This is particularly important when it comes to a supreme medicinal grade high-phenolic EVOO like HYPERELEON.

What’s so Great About “Extra Virgin” Anyway?

Speaking of extra virgin olive oil means speaking of the real, pure juice of an olive.

This is one of mother nature’s healthiest gifts, high in something called polyphenols. These polyphenols are the real heroes of the story as they are the reason for the health benefits of making olive oil a part of your daily diet.

These powerful little compounds have been the subject of numerous studies and research worldwide, showcasing incredible effects on the body in terms of anti-aging, cardiovascular well-being, and even the handling of neurodegenerative illnesses.

Polyphenols have been shown to decrease inflammation, detoxify the body, slow the development of rheumatoid arthritis, and beyond.


EVOO is higher in polyphenols than its non-Extra-Virgin counterpart, which helps to reduce the oxidizations of low-density lipoprotein in your bloodstream. This, compared to other vegetable or fish oils that actually increase your LDL cholesterol according to this study, is much better for your health.

According to the study, you could start seeing results in as little as four weeks. Results can be measured by monitoring the level of LDL oxidation in your bloodstream over the course of taking high phenolic olive oil as a supplement to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

However, before you add anything to your diet, be sure to check in with your primary healthcare provider.

What’s the Science Behind Olive Oil Being Good for Your Health?

Cholesterol balanced diet with high phenolic olive oil

There are countless studies just like this one which show that the natural polyphenols found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidizing properties.

These can help lower your bad cholesterol while keeping your good cholesterol levels in check.

These small, lab-based studies show that the higher the level of phenols in your olive oil, the higher the antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory affects.

Is There a Risk in Using Lower Quality Olive Oils?


While olive oil in general is better for your health than saturated fats, there are some risks involved in adding it to your diet without choosing a high-quality option.

Lower quality olive oils are incredibly high in omega-3 fatty acid which, while good for your health in moderation, could harm your health when taken in excess. Studies show that a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be determined based on a robust, bitter flavor.

How Can I Get All the Benefits of Polyphenols?

Best way to reduce cholesterol

Making extra virgin olive oil a key part of your daily diet is a powerful way to expose your body to all the nutritional benefits found in polyphenols, decreasing your levels of bad cholesterol while increasing the good levels.

By consuming extra virgin olive oil daily, you’ll effectively move excess cholesterol out of your arteries and liver.

In fact, the daily consumption of just one tablespoon of an EVOO with extremely high phenolic content like HYPERELEON, provides you an exceptionally high quantity of health-boosting polyphenols, making the corresponsive calorie burden is totally insignificant.

Other ways to naturally reduce bad cholesterol in your body include following a healthy diet, reducing alcohol consumption, not smoking, and exercising at least three times a week. Maintaining a healthy weight is also key.

Buy High-Phenolic EVOO - Not Just Ordinary EVOO!

If you’re searching for the best olive oils, always make sure you’re putting HIGH PHENOLIC extra virgin olive oil into your shopping cart, and not ordinary olive oil - not even just virgin.

High Phenolic EVOO presents incredible benefits on the heart, brain, metabolism, and more - empowering you to live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Hypereleon offers more than any other EVOO on the market.

It’s incredibly rich in phenolic content and a breeze to incorporate into your lifestyle. In fact, just 12ml-15ml a day is enough to start seeing and feeling the difference - which more than meets the daily recommended dose for polyphenol intake. You don’t even need to integrate it into your meals.

Introducing Hypereleon Nutri

Hypereleon Nutri is more than just a great way to increase your phenolic intake every day.

It serves as an awesome complement to all of our other EVOO products. Unlike most of our other products – which should ideally be taken at room temperature – you can use Hypereleon Nutri as a part of your diet.

You can simply add Nutri right to your meals to give your diet a much-needed nutrient and polyphenolic boost that will keep your heart healthy and strong.

Why Hypereleon is the Choice for You

If you’re interested in managing your cholesterol levels with a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then HYPERELEON should be your first choice. Our brand has gained global recognition, awards, and reviews for being one of the best and most health-conscious organic certified EVOOs on the market.

By consuming just a few milliliters of our products each day, you’ll be giving your body all of the polyphenols it needs to keep your LDL cholesterol low and your HDL cholesterol normal. Here’s a quick look at how much olive oil you’d need to consume for each of our amazing ranges:

View Hypereleon’s real reviews from real people.

Buy a bottle today, and let it be your first port of call whenever you need to prepare food. Hypereleon is best used as an addition to your daily diet or to dress your favorite dishes.

Hypereleon is lovingly sourced and bottled to preserve polyphenol content and empower you to live your healthiest life, so grab yours today while stocks last!

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