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How Natural Polyphenols Prevent and Treat Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death across the entire world.

Millions of people suffer from this painful and often incurable disease, and a large number of these people lose their lives to it.

cancer prevention

According to the US National Library of Medicine, more than 14 million new cases of different types of cancers have been diagnosed in the past decade.

Unfortunately, this number is set to grow even more in the next decade, with research estimating it to be around 25 million by the year 2032.

While this news might be demotivating and worrying, there are options available for those looking for treatment or for new ways to prevent their risk of developing cancer in the first place.

With so many people’s lives and livelihoods at stake around the world, billions of dollars of funding are used every year to research and pinpoint new cancer treatments and therapies.

According to ongoing research being done around the world, natural polyphenols, and the role of polyphenols in cancer treatment, have become incredibly popular areas of research for cancer researchers around the globe.

So, could polyphenols prevent and treat cancer?

Simply put, polyphenols are molecular compounds that could be the key to developing more effective and accessible care for those undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

There is substantial research and results that point to the incredible power of using high phenolic olive oil rich in polyphenols as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

This is partly thanks to the discovery that natural polyphenols are highly anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory, which can not only help strengthen your immune system, but also slow down the mutation and division of cancerous cells in the body.

woman optimistic about post cancer recovery

In this article, we’ll dive into how Oleuropein could prevent and fight cancer, how olive oil rich in polyphenols can be incorporated into your daily diet, and how HYPERELEON is a great option for health-conscious and forward-thinking individuals looking to transform their health.

If you have any questions about the information we discuss in this article, feel free to reach out to one of our dedicated team members.

If you have any questions that our article doesn’t cover, contact us or take a look at our blog page for more insight into the power of natural compounds and their ability to transform our health, happiness, and longevity, from the inside out.

What we will talk about

  • The potential role of polyphenols in cancer therapy.
  • How polyphenols may prevent cancer and/or help treating it?
  • Why high phenolic olive oil is a great source of polyphenols?
  • How polyphenols can prevent and treat breast cancer?
  • The connection between polyphenols and pancreatic cancer.
  • How to incorporate medicinal grade olive oil into your diet?
  • How products like our high phenolic olive oil can transform your health and wellbeing?

Can Polyphenols Prevent and Treat Cancer?

The short answer is that it could.

According to global research being done by some of the most qualified and experienced researchers in the world, natural polyphenols have medicinal benefits that could help slow the division and mutation of cancer cells.

This is thanks to a variety of different factors, including the molecular make-up of different polyphenolic compounds, our daily dietary requirements, and how we supplement our intake of the minerals, proteins, and compounds that our bodies need to perform optimally.

how natural polyphenols prevent treat cancer

Before we dive into how the compound found in extra virgin olive oil, Oleuropein, prevents and fights cancer, we’ll need to define what polyphenols are and why they play such a huge role in cancer treatments around the world.

Polyphenols are constantly being researched as potential candidates or compounds for anti-cancer drugs and medications.

In principle, anti-cancer drugs work to slow, stop, or change the rate at which cancer cells divide.

Of course, all of these anti-cancer drugs have their own unique compounds that are effective, yet not classified as polyphenols.

To be considered a polyphenol, a compound must have (at least) one ring with a hydroxyl functional group attached.

In the simplest of terms, the molecular structure of this compound helps your body combat and prevent cancerous cell formation and division.

According to various studies, polyphenols can be found in a variety of different foods and drinks including vegetables, nuts, tea, wine and more.

These types of foods and beverages are known for their anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is partly why you’ll often hear advice like drinking a glass of red wine in the evenings isn’t as detrimental to your health as you’d imagine – if anything, it could help your body instead of hurting it.

Polyphenols, like we’ve mentioned, are usually found in certain fruits and vegetables.

Of these fruits, olives are some of the best options to up your polyphenolic intake.

Furthermore, many extremely beneficial and important polyphenols like Oleacein, Oleocanthal, and Oleuropein, are found ONLY in extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO.

It’s important to note that while the extremely important polyphenol, Oleuropein, is typically found in the skin and leaves of the olive tree, it is also found in very high concentration in specific high-phenolic EVOOs.

When we think about the uses of foods rich in polyphenols, cancer treatment ranks at the very highest end of amazing possibilities.

According to this study, there is clear evidence that diet and the frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables high in phenolic content is linked to a reduced risk of different types of cancers.

In Summary

  • Natural polyphenols are anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory compounds that could help reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Polyphenols help strengthen the immune system which is a key factor of cancer treatments around the world.
  • One of the best ways to increase your polyphenol intake is by eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Olives, and more specifically olive oil, are a great fruit to consume in order to increase your oleuropein and polyphenol intake.

What is the Science Behind How Oleuropein and Polyphenols Prevent and Treat Cancer?

According to the US National Library of Medicine, natural polyphenols are powerful antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory compounds.

This means that they also have the power to modulate molecular targets while signaling the pathways that are linked to the survival, differentiation, survival, migration, and angiogenesis of cells.

natural polyphenols anticancer activity

These compounds have the power to detoxify enzymes and regulate different immune responses. Because cancer – and the various treatments used to manage this disease – greatly affects the immune system, there is a huge advantage of using polyphenols in cancer treatment.

Now that we understand what natural polyphenols are, we need to take a look at how they can be used to fight cancer.

While taking a tablespoon of medicinal grade olive oil won’t immediately cure you from pancreatic cancer, the compounds found in the oil still have a pronounced effect on your body and your health. Why is this the case?

The reason why cancer is so incredibly dangerous is the fact that cancerous cells divide too quickly for your immune system to control the damaged cells.

However, studies have found that by increasing your intake of polyphenols and oleuropein, the speed and aggressiveness of this damaged call division can be disrupted.

This gives your body a chance to reap more benefits from whichever cancer treatment you’ve chosen to undertake.

By slowing down the mutation and division of cancerous cells, high phenolic olive oil – due to the natural polyphenols found in it – can be a great addition to your cancer treatment.

Current literature in the scientific community researching these effects points to interesting and potential life-changing information and results that could transform cancer research as we know it.

How Do You Manage Your Polyphenol Intake Safely?

While the power of polyphenols in cancer therapy is undeniable, there is still some uncertainty and risk involved in taking natural polyphenols without regulation.

Certain supplements could pose a risk to users if their use is not regulated, monitored, and overseen by an experienced medical practitioner.

One of the best ways to regulate your intake of polyphenols without taking supplements, is by using a high phenolic olive oil to complement a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Our medicinal grade olive oil can be taken at room temperature at regular intervals as discussed on our website or as agreed upon with your medical or healthcare provider.

Be sure not to heat up HYPERELEON olive oil, as the excess heat could change the molecular structure of our products. This would also mean that the effects and healing properties that our products have cannot be guaranteed.

For more information on how to safely add high phenolic olive oil to your daily diet, feel reach out to us now by contacting our team directly with questions. We’d be happy to chat!

In Summary

  • While polyphenols could reduce your risk of developing or dying from different types of cancers, there are still some risks involved in taking polyphenolic supplements without consulting your primary healthcare providers.
  • Medicinal grade olive oil is a safe and controlled way to add powerful antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory compounds to your daily diet.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions on the medicinal grade olive oil products you use as high heats could change the products on a molecular level and influence their effect on your body and health.

Can Polyphenols Prevent and Treat Breast and Pancreatic Cancer?

doctor consults patient for cancer treatment

Can polyphenols prevent and treat breast cancer?

What is the connection between polyphenols and pancreatic cancer?

When it comes to blocking and postponing the various stages of carcinogenesis, prevention is arguably the most important.

The goal is to block the toxic and mutagenic effects in order to inhibit tumor initiation and promotion. Secondly, the next strategy is all about presenting anti-cancer potential during the early carcinogenesis stages. Thirdly, the tumor’s invasiveness and metastatic properties must be prevented. And that’s where polyphenols come in.

The connection between a diet rich in fruits and vegetables – and cancer prevention – is clear.

Fruits that are rich in polyphenols have various functions in the body, including a wide range of biological functions – and Extra Virgin Olive Oil has far higher amounts of polyphenols than its more refined counterparts.

Among these, polyphenols have been shown to offer anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic, and anti-proliferative mechanisms that prevent tumor initiation.

This has been found to be the case in both breast and pancreatic cancer, offering a safe and effective form of cancer prevention.

research on cancer prevention treatment

While the anti-cancer properties of polyphenols have been shown to be powerful against a long list of cancers, breast and pancreatic are among the most significant.

In fact, certain studies have shown that polyphenols can kill breast cancer altogether by suppressing cancer growth slowly but surely.

When it comes to the connection between polyphenols and pancreatic cancer, polyphenols can regulate the signaling of pathways that cause cancer to develop and progress.

In Summary

  • Polyphenols may prevent and treat both breast and pancreatic cancer by inhibiting tumor initiation.
  • EVOO is far richer in polyphenols that more refined olive oils.
  • The benefits of polyphenols include anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic, and anti-proliferative, suppressing breast and pancreatic cancer growth and development by influencing pathway signaling.

Why Should You Choose HYPERELEON?

HYPERELEON is a Top Award-Winning brand and has received over 60 Top International Awards.

We’re a research-backed brand of high-phenolic olive oil that provides you with a top-quality olive oil, exceptionally rich in polyphenols and anti-oxidants (which have received over 33 Top Healthy EVOO Awards).

According to numerous studies, these phenols could potentially protect you from developing cancer.

Because HYPERELEON has spent countless hours researching, perfecting, and testing our products, we can assure our clients that when they purchase our high phenolic olive oils, they’re purchasing the highest quality on the market.

In Summary

  • Polyphenols are a powerful alternative for traditional and alternative cancer treatments.
  • Natural polyphenols are found in fruits, vegetables, and medicinal grade olive oil.
  • EVOO is a great way to supplement your diet with antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • HYPERELEON specializes in creating high-quality and Medicinal Grade EVOO, with supremely high phenolic content. We were named the Phenolic Content World Champion in both 2020 and 2021. Our perfection is also recognized by more than 27 Top Quality and 33 Top Healthy EVOO International Awards.

Dr. Mayfield is a board-certified chiropractor who specializes in clinical nutrition and medicine.

As the Director of The Center for Well Being in Edina, Minnesota, Dr. Mayfield is a leading authority on nutrition, which is why we value his admiration of our brand’s transparency and results.

Final Words

There’s no doubt about the fact that there’s a functional relationship between the foods that we consume on the daily and cancer mortality.

With so many scientists around the world studying the dietary components that could prevent or lessen the risk of developing cancer, this is the perfect time to explore new and high-quality options to help protect and maintain your health.

If you’d like to find out more about HYPERELEON and how our extra virgin olive oil products can help you safely and reliably increase your intake of natural polyphenols, please reach out to us.

Our team would be honored to tell you more about the processes, health benefits, and special qualities our medicinal grade olive oils have.

Visit our website now for more information on Oleocanthal, natural polyphenols, and how oleuropein can help you live a healthier, happier, and potentially cancer-free life.

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