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Phenolic compounds of olive oil may reduce your chances of developing Atherosclerosis

The verdict is in - Virgin Olive Oil that’s high in phenolic compounds may reduce your chances of developing Atherosclerosis, a disorder caused by a serious arterial plaque buildup.

Comprised of calcium, fat, and cholesterol, plaque can build up and harden when you eat an unhealthy diet - and the consequences can be deadly.

high phenolic olive oil decreasing inflammation antioxidizing the body

Thankfully, new research shows that you can avoid all of that by consuming Virgin Olive Oil, preferably extra-virgin, that’s high in something called phenolic compounds. EVOO is naturally bursting with them, decreasing inflammation and detoxifying the body.

In one particular study, researchers and scientists set out to explore the benefits of polyphenols on the “vascular endothelium”, something that’s never been confirmed to this day. The vascular endothelium is a thin layer of cells found in the veins and arteries throughout your body.

These cells are crucial for vessel tone regulation and cellular activity, and in one study, researchers treated Human Endothelial cells with human serum in two experiments.

In the first, the cells were taken from an individual who’d been fasting. The second had just eaten breakfast prepared with EVOO packed with phenolic content.

The results were astounding - the individual who ate breakfast with EVOO high in phenolic content shown lower clinical chances of developing Atherosclerosis, that disorder we were talking about earlier!

phenolic compounds against atherosclerosis

If that doesn’t convince you to add your first bottle of Hypereleon to your cart right now, we don’t know what will. This particular EVOO contains all the phenolic content you should care about.

Reduce your chances of illness so you can live a happy, healthy life.

Source: NCBI