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Natural Virus Defense in 2020

A Daily Tablespoon of Olive Oil a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The world is a scary place, with viruses and infections weaving their way throughout societies worldwide.

Those who get seriously ill, or die, usually have compromised immune systems. In this sense, you can never be too safe - because you never know how your body will handle being ill.

That’s why it’s so important to prepare your immune system for the worst.

How are Viruses Spread?

From the coronavirus to classic flu, and even a common cold, viruses and infections are spread through bodily fluids (like droplets when you sneeze), mostly via the hands (according to

If you shake the hand of a sick person who potentially has viral particles on them, you could end up falling ill. The moment you touch your face or eat something without washing your hands first, you could expose yourself to a virus or infection.

natural defence against viruses with high phenolic olive oil

While the best way to avoid virus or infection is good personal hygiene, we know that physical contact with the outside world is often unavoidable.

It’s important to get your body and immunity strong, so that if you ever catch anything, you’ll be tough enough to fight it off.

Drink Olive Oil Every Day to Combat Viruses and Infection

Did you know that extra-virgin olive oil, particularly the early harvest kind, is high in something called polyphenols?

These rich micronutrients are bursting with antioxidants with the potential to positively impact your health. Polyphenols are found mostly in green plants, packed with properties that naturally protect the plant against the likes of viruses, infection, and oxidation.

Interestingly, they have the same positive effect on the body - BUT (yes, there is a “but”) – some of these incredible healing miracles (like Oleuropein, Oleocanthal, Oleacein, Oleomissional, and Ligstroside) with their priceless health protective action are found only in special varieties of early-harvest olive oil.

Early-harvest EVOOs are packed with dozens of phenolic compounds, each of which presents its own distinct health benefit.

natural immunity boost with high phenolic olive oil

One of the main perks of consuming olive oil daily is its high bioavailability, swiftly entering the circulatory system to provide antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and most importantly in today’s world, antiviral properties.

Polyphenol Immune Function Regulation

Various factors can contribute to immune dysfunction, like virus exposure, environmental stressors, and even stress and anxiety, but at the heart of it all lies immune system imbalances which, when left untreated, can cause disease in humans.

One of the biggest causes of disease is prolonged inflammation, something polyphenol exposure can circumvent. Medication can only do so much, making it critically important to embrace a “prevention is better than cure” mindset.

By focusing on nutrition, we can naturally strengthen our immunity by influencing something called “proinflammatory cytokine synthesis,” along with gene expression and immune cell regulation. Polyphenols hold the power to influence various biological activities, encouraging immunity against foreign pathogens.

What Happens when you Consume Polyphenols?

Polyphenols are absorbed by the intestines, after which they can interact with the immune system, protecting you, the host.

Daily consumption will gradually strengthen your immune system, so you can confidently fight off parasites, fungi, infections, and viruses - and live to tell the tale. In fact, in vitro studies have shown that many of the polyphenols in olive oil provide protection against human pathogens.

defend against viruses naturally with extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols

Polyphenols are also thought to treat digestive problems, and even the likes of diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. Most prominently, polyphenols boast powerful antiviral properties, not to mention immunomodulatory agents which have been shown to strengthen the immune system.

High Phenolic Olive Oil (EVOO) is naturally high in phenolic content, found to provide solid defense any viruses and infections. EVOO provides natural protection against viruses, so you can boost your immune system.


While many of the extra virgin olive oils that line store shelves are cheap rip-offs of more high-end brands, Hypereleon is not just an early harvest EVOO. It provides a unique, pure and powerful combination of mother nature’s most potent polyphenols, in exceptionally high concentrations.

Hypereleon contains polyphenols which are proven to provide incredible health-protective action. What’s more, the entire package of each bottle (including the bottle itself and all enclosed leaflets) is subjected to advanced UV sterilization, shown to kill off at least 99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. In other words, the chances of coronavirus transmission are zero.

Each pack is further sealed with thermal shrink wrap to ensure maintenance of the sterilization procedure. Well-trained staff boasting all the proper equipment (masks, gloves, and uniforms) apply highly specific and rigorous procedures to achieve the above-mentioned goal.

Prevention is the Key to Better Health

Stock up on Hypereleon right now, and please, do not underestimate the importance of washing your hands with soap and warm water, for at least 20 seconds each time.

This may seem like a mission, but it could save a life. Chemistry professors have confirmed that soap destroys any traces of viruses that may be on your hands, keeping you and everyone around you safe.

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